Scholarship is a pillar of the MSGERC's mission. An important part of the MSGERC mission statement declares: Scholarship - Scholarly work to promote antifungal stewardship, investigational outbreak tracking, implementation science, publications, and leadership.

Physicians and Scientists of the MSGERC

The MSGERC is representative of over 160 U.S. and international physicians and scientists dedicated to the study of mycology and invasive fungal infections. As a group, MSGERC has demonstrated their collective scholarly leadership in the field of mycology and have published over 250 manuscripts, book chapters and textbooks based on the current scientific evidence in clinical mycology.

Physicians and Scientists of the MSGERC

A list of publications based on research conducted as the NIH-funded Mycoses Study Group (1978-2000) and as the BAMSG Abstracts and Publications are available on this website.

In addition to work related to evidence-based practice in the diagnosis and treatment of invasive fungal infections, the MSGERC is dedicated to the research and scholarship of preventing fungal infections and to Antifungal Stewardship.