MSGERC Education and Research Consortium

Quadripartite Mission

In the new era of clinical research, the MSGERC Education and Research Consortium will continue to champion evidence-based diagnoses, prophylaxis, treatment and management of invasive fungal infections through its quadripartite mission:


Championing excellence and innovation in the development and delivery of evidence-based medical knowledge in invasive fungal disease management for patients globally.


Translational thought leadership for the development of diagnostics and medicinal antifungals for invasive fungal infections.


Scholarly work to promote antifungal stewardship, investigational outbreak tracking, implementation science, publications, and leadership.


MSGERC will work to advocate for the study and development of antifungal therapies and diagnostics, especially addressing public health issues related to diseases impacted by environmental changes and resistance.  Additionally, MSGERC will provide space that includes patient advocacy so that we meet the needs of our patients worldwide.

The MSGERC Functions

In 2013, the Mycoses Study Group investigators formed a non-profit charitable organization named the Mycoses Study Group Education and Research Consortium (MSGERC) to continue it’s collective mission as key opinion leaders in mycology and is representative of over 160 physicians and scientists from leading national and international universities.  The MSGERC was awarded 501(C)(3) status in December 2014.

The MSGERC Central Unit remains at the University of Alabama at Birmingham for the purpose of project management of the clinical research studies being implemented through MSGERC Investigators and to track clinical research activities, especially those studies designated as MSGERC studies.  The MSGERC has emerged to scaffold support for the educational, research and scholarship functions of the group in tandem with the MSGERC Central Unit.  In addition to Education and Research, the Scholarship of the group will embark on leadership that champions fungal stewardship and patient advocacy and continues to explore novel translational approaches.