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Welcome to the Mycoses Study Group Education and Research Consortium. We are living exciting times in medical mycology as a cycle of antifungals and diagnostics is closing and a new one is starting. The next couple of years will see the launch of a handful of new antifungals and work in diagnostics is quickly ramping up as the base of immunocompromised patients continues to increase, therefore driving the need for precise and rapid diagnostics as close to the bedside as possible. Major changes in the epidemiology of invasive fungal infections are being described, and they require a swift response.

Being the premier think tank in mycology in the US with global projection, MSGERC is expected to drive the research and education agenda for the foreseeable future. Aside from traditional clinical trials, diagnostic, and epidemiological studies, MSGERC will evolve and take on a leadership role in advocacy and awareness. 

We recognize the need expand our membership, create new volunteering opportunities, have a more global footprint, and most importantly, to train and mentor the next generation of medical mycologists. New committees such as a publications committee and the early career committee are being formed and a call for nominations for this and other existing committees will be sent out soon. We are also exploring a new fee structure for early career and low/middle income country members to make MSGERC membership more accessible to all.

There has never been a time more exciting to be a member of the MSGERC! Let’s work together to usher this new era of medical mycology!

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Luis Ostrosky-Zeichner

Luis Ostrosky-Zeichner, MD, FACP, FIDSA, FSHEA, FECMM
President, MSGERC
Professor and Memorial Hermann Endowed Chair
Vice Chairman of Medicine for Healthcare Quality
Chief, Division of Infectious Disease
McGovern Medical School
Medical Director for Epidemiology
Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center

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