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of fungal infections for doctors, patients, and care givers

Clinical Research Consultation

Research is a pillar of the MSGERC's mission.  An important part of the MSG mission statement declares: Research - Translational thought leadership for the development of diagnostics and medicinal antifungals for invasive fungal infections.  The MSGERC has a 30 year history of providing guidance to its stakeholders.  We link with our MSG Investigator members to provide a think-tank of expert research and leadership support including:

  • Setting research agendas and reviewing research proposals for the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and management of invasive fungal infections and diagnostics
  • Consulting with diagnostics and drug developers in setting new product regulatory strategies
  • Assisting in protocol development, data collection, and clinical research implementation processes
  • Developing safety and monitoring procedures for new research initiatives, including formation of Data Safety Monitoring Boards
  • Working with statistical groups for the thoughtful and innovative biostatistical applications in new study initiatives
  • Assisting in site selection and management for the implementation of new studies globally
  • Training clinical research sites on the implementation and management of clinical protocols
  • Development of publications for the dissemination of evidence on pre-clinical and clinical research

Working directly with the MSGERC ensures stakeholders with accurate and appropriate generation of achievable and sustainable short term and long-range objectives for product research and development.

MSGERC clinical research studies are developed by key opinion leader investigators from MSG academic medical centers and private practices. Study Concept Proposals are submitted to the MSGERC Steering Committee for scientific review and approval before being listed as an MSGERC study.  This provides the scientific rigor that is in keeping with MSG-designated studies.

The MSG works within research agendas that ensure current and innovative development of diagnostics and new chemical entities for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of invasive fungal infections.  

  • A list of MSG studies conducted through the NIAID and BAMSG mechanism (funded by NIAID/NIH) can be found here.  

The MSGERC Steering Committee convenes bimonthly to review ongoing studies, disseminate results and to generate innovative research proposals that meet current evidence-based needs for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of invasive fungal infections.  Smaller groups of key-opinion leaders are consulted for projects with industry and government partners for ad hoc meetings based on project needs.

An updated list of MSGERC Clinical Studies illustrates the broad range of epidemiologic, diagnostic and clinical trial research completed and ongoing with MSG Investigators and sponsors.  The MSG Central Unit, located at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Division of Infectious Diseases is the coordinating center for MSGERC research activities, providing initiation and management of studies at multi-center sites and includes data management and statistical services.

A listing of MSGERC Scientific Committee Members can be found on the Committee webpage.

MSG/UAB Coordinating Center:

Peter Pappas, MD, Director

Rachael McMullen
Mycoses Study Group Coordinating Center

Gerald McGwin, MS, PhD
Vice Chair, Professor
Department of Epidemiology
UAB School of Public Health (Protocol Design, Data and Statistical Operations)

(412) 343-2437

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