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Board of Directors

2018 - 2020 MSGERC Officers and Board, Voting Members

John Perfect, MD

Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, North Carolina, USA

President Elect

Luis Ostrosky-Zeichner, MD, FACP, FIDSA, FSHEA
Professor of Medicine
McGovern Medical School
Houston, Texas, USA

Immediate Past President

Peter Pappas, MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Dimitrios Kontoyiannis, MD
Professor for Cancer Research
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, Texas, USA

Marisa Miceli, MD
Associate Professor
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Member at Large
Barbara Alexander, MD, MHS
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina, USA
Member at Large
Sharon Chen, MD, PhD
Westmead Hospital
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Member at Large
Oliver Cornely, MD
University Hospital of Cologne
Cologne, Germany
Member at Large
Bart-Jan Kullberg, MD, PhD, FRCP, FIDSA

Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases
Radboud University Nijmegen
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Member at Large
Tom Patterson, MD

Professor and Chief, Infectious Diseases
University of Texas HSC San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Member at Large
Joe Vazquez, MD, FACP, FIDSA
Chief, Infectious Diseases
Medical College of Georgia/Augusta University
Augusta, Georgia

     Member at Large
     George Thompson, MD
Associate Professor of  Clinical Medicine
      University of California -Davis
      Sacramento, California, USA

2018 Non-Voting Members

Tom Chiller, MD
Chief, Mycotic Diseases
Centers for Disease
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Carolynn Thomas Jones, DNP

Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing
The Ohio State University
UAB School of Nursing
Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Beth Kassalen, MBA
Kassalen Meetings & Events
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Board Member Job Descriptions


  1. Serve as Chair of the Board of Directors
  2. Represent the Association in organizations with which the Association is affiliated 
  3. Preside over the Biannual Meeting
  4. Plan the agenda and conduct the Business Meeting of the Association at the Biannual Meeting
  5. Serve as ex officio on all Committees other than the Nominating Committee
  6. Appoint, after consultation and majority vote of the Board, Chairpersons for all Association Standing Committees
  7. Establish Ad Hoc Committees and appoint chairs to these committees
  8. In consultation and majority vote of the Board, authorize any regional meetings which may be held under Association auspices
  9. After consultation and majority agreement of the Board, enter into or dissolve a contractual agreement with an Executive Director and/or management company
  10. After consultation and majority agreement of the Board, enter into other contractual agreements pertaining to the mission, goals, and activities of the Association
  11. Perform other duties as consistent with the office of President

President Elect

  1. Perform the duties of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President
  2. Work closely with the Conference Chair to plan and organize the professional program for the Biannual Meeting
  3. Work closely with the Treasurer and paid staff to review current financial activities and to develop an operational budget for the upcoming year
  4. Other duties as consistent with the office of President-Elect


  1. Take roll call and verify that a quorum is present for all Board meetings
  2. Oversee the recording and official filing of minutes of the Board of Directors’ meetings and the Association’s Business Meeting
  3. Distribute copies of all minutes to the Board of Directors for review and approval. When approved, make these minutes a part of the permanent Association records
  4. Serve as custodian of records of the Association other than those entrusted to the Treasurer
  5. Perform other duties consistent with the office of Secretary


  1. Oversee all of the Association’s bank accounts and monetary repositories. 
  2. Work closely with the Executive Director and management company to ensure compliance to all financial policies and procedures, which have been established for the Association.  If voted upon by the Board of Directors, the Treasurer shall allow such duties to be performed by the Executive Director or the Management Company, dependent upon circumstances.  The Executive Director and/or the Management Company shall then provide monthly financial reports to the Treasurer for approval
  3. Review monthly, the financial reports of the Association.  Provide reports to the Board of Directors, and report on the Association’s finances at Board meetings
  4. Draft the annual budget and Conference budget with the advice of the President-Elect, Executive Director and management company, and present it to the Board of Directors for their approval and adoption
  5. Report on the Association’s finances at the Business Meeting at the Biannual Meeting
  6. Report any budgetary requests outside of the approved budget to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors
  7. Make provision for the Association’s annual reviews or audits and open the Association’s books to audit on demand of the Board of Directors or its authorized agent
  8. Establish financial policies and procedures to facilitate the Duty of Care and fiduciary responsibilities of the Board of Directors in making financial decisions that are in the best interest of the Association
  9. Perform other duties consistent with the office of Treasurer

Member at Large

  1. Participate in all general Board of Director sessions, meetings, and calls
  2. Chair or co-chair one of the Association’s Committees
  3. Be actively involved in the strategic governance of the Association
  4. Support the officers in carrying out their roles and responsibilities as necessary

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