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of fungal infections for doctors, patients, and care givers

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In the new era of translational medicine and continuing medical education, The Mycoses Study Group Education and Research Consortium (MSGERC) has emerged as a non-profit education, scientific and charitable organization providing seamless leadership to stakeholders seeking to diagnose, prevent, treat and cure invasive fungal infections.

The consortium of MSG investigators has a long-standing reputation, commencing in 1978 as premier leaders in clinical mycology.  After multi-decades as an NIH-sponsored research group, the MSGERC Steering Committee voted to restructure the group as a non-profit organization and to solicit formal memberships.  I am personally inviting you to extend the current work and mission of MSGERC through your official membership. 

Dues are only $175 for 2 years!  Official member benefits include:

        • Reduced registration rate for the MSGERC Biennial Meeting
        • Recognition as a MSGERC member and the historic value of the group
        • Identification as a key opinion leader in your mycology specialization
        • Opportunities to serve as a subcontractor on MSGERC CME or research consultations
        • Recognition as a preferred investigator for mycology studies and clinical trials
        • Eligibility to vote on important MSGERC matters that are brought forth to the membership
        • Eligibility to run for the MSGERC Board of Directors and hold a leadership position, helping to shape the future strategy, goals and mission of our organization (except for Industry Members)
        • Eligibility to serve as a leader on one of MSGERC’s standing committees (except for Industry Members)
        • Online, searchable Membership Directory and self-management of full profile
        • Website presence
        • Unparalleled access to a global community network of experts and renowned leaders in the Mycoses field.

To join the MSGERC, please complete the membership application. You may pay your membership dues online.We are proud of the legacy of the MSG and are encouraged by our continued status within our industry and among government colleagues.  You will now help us move into the next phase of the MSGERC!  Together, we will champion evidence-based diagnoses, prevention, treatment and management of invasive fungal infections through Education, Research and Scholarship.  


John Perfect, MD

President, MSGERC

James B. Duke Professor of Medicine
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, North Carolina, USA


(412) 343-2437

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